What type of dog do you have? Why is it the right dog for you?

What type of dog do you have? Why is it the right dog for you?

I have two Basset Hounds

two King Charles Cavilers

A Standard Poodle

A rat terrier

With the Bassets, I love to laugh. I am a total goofball and so are they. Our personalities match. They are naughty at times but my patients and their loyalty keeps things in check. Truly awesome dogs for me. In fact I feel like they were made with me in mind.

The Cavs are very smart, beautiful and loving. They are small and good lap dogs. They are high energy dogs and love to play and so do I.

Standard Poodles. Well they are just the everything dog. One of the smartest breeds in the world they are very loyal, very easy to train. Good with children. I could not find one flaw in the breed and I think they are right for everyone.

Rat Terrier. Agile like cats but they are also little Einsteins. The listen very well to orders and don’t run off into the night like most terriers do. Mine is affectionate bond belief


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