What would you do if you found US$500 in a parking lot?

This is where having a poor posture comes in handy for me. I am usually looking at the ground so, I guess I find money more then the average person. I have found dollar bills, tens, twenty’s along with the rare hundred. My best was when I found $300.

First thing I do is place my foot on the money. Then I act like I have to tie my shoelace and nonchalantly grab the money in my palm. It goes in my pocket and then I find the first public restroom (sometimes if there is a wad of bills you do need to count it). I always check carefully to see if a name of an owner is on the bills. I have yet to date so I consider it good luck and I just I hope I don’t loose it like the poor schmuck that did. For I too am forgetful about writing my name on bills.

Cash does not belong to anyone. It is just the possession of that makes it yours

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