419 in a children's classroom

Crappers for Sale – Flushing-Out a Nigerian 419 Scammer

Here is a relatively new type of 419 scam. It focuses on ex-victims and promises

Internet cafe in Nigeria crapper
Nigerian Internet Cafes do huge business thanks to the nation’s booming e-mail scam industry

that the money that was promised before is still in the bank. The criminal, usually a Nigerian 419 scammer, writing the soliciting email is going to help the deal that went bad before come to fruition.

This is where our old friend Poindexter Whippersnapper, of Whippersnapper’s Crappers, will dive in and be the ex victim. Unfortunately for the scammer, Mr. Whippersnapper has something else in mind – selling the spammer a toilet. He won’t give up on the idea of the scammer “taking a good crap,” and he even gets his son Guelord involved.
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  1. ya well he’s says he’s a attorney in Ghana now so be where been dealing with this for well over a month needing money so bad for a surgery and told these people that it was a cancerous surgery and now they continue to feed off my blood how sad are those Ghanaians

    1. If someone is writing you from an African country, they are lying. They are never who they say they are and all they want is your money. Unfortunately in that part of the world scamming is the main industry. If you are communicating with, or have given money to one of these “people” stop now and save yourself a lot of time and money

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