Why do I, or any other person have the right to own a dog or any other animal?

Why do I, or any other person have the right to own a dog or any other animal?

This is an excellent question and I assume that you love and respect animals like myself. First of all, I never thought of myself as an “Owner” I see myself as a caretaker and father. I never cage my dogs. I don’t have an invisible fence I because I can’t idea of shocking them. They can’t talk. something like that a dog can’t communicate how painful it can or can not be go them.

With that said. Dogs (for instance like humans. Why they do is sometimes a mystery to me because humans are not the most genuine creatures and can be very cruel) However, humans took their land. Dogs can not survive outside. There are roads, there are wooded areas where they can be attacked by predators, and they are not very good hunters. It would be hell for them if we didn’t take care of them in a world that we made impossible for them to live.

I am rambling a bit but it is human responsibility to take care of dogs and even cats.

Now, I have met other animals such as pigs. They are an extremely intelligent animal and are not dirty at all. Misconceptions are more dirty then any animal can be. What we do to them is a right that humans gave to themselves. We are selfish creatures and we are very good at justifying our actions.

As far as rights. We decide what is best for them or we suit our own needs. Sad but very true. As far as willingness and accepting (and also enjoying having such) is a good human treat that only few have. So there is not only right, but privilege and responsibility as well.



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