Why do I prefer dogs over children?

Why do I prefer dogs over children?


Well, lets compare to two side by side.

  • Children are selfish and want everything.
  • They can be cruel
  • They are loud
  • They are annoying.
  • Society imposes upon us the requirement of loving them and if we don’t we are we are labeled as monsters.
  • They grow up to be people

Dogs on the other hand

Unconditionally love

They have the requirements of having to walk, eat and drink.

They are quite pleasant to be around

Society tells us that they are just animals and again we are considered monsters if we love them more then children

Dogs don’t grow up to be people

Call me a misanthrope (I would even thank you for the complement) but it is not difficult to understand why the company four legged creatures’ are far more desirable then the two legged creatures



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