Why do people still believe that the world is flat, when there is scientific evidence to prove them wrong?

I once asked a person this question that turned out to be anorexic and they said “Oh I thought you said the world was fat”

Seriously, there are a lot of people on this planet and if one puts forth a theory that reaches a large enough audience there will be a certain percentage of people that will believe.

We can all create our own religions and make ridiculous claims that will strike a certain chord in certain (uninitiated) minds. Think of anyone charismatic enough to initiate a cult, religion or run a country. Just have a large enough audience and use language that a simple mind will rationalize and viola.

So, lets all go out and create some belief systems. If we are lucky we will make some money. At least we can laugh our butts of at the people that believe us.

P.S: I am proud of myself for not mentioning what happened on Nov. 8th 🙂

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