I currently am living in Madison, SD. It is a small town located just outside of Sioux Falls. This is one of the many locations I have lived within the past nine years as I follow my wife’s academic journey.

I continue to service my over seas clients as well as in the US. To set up an appointment, please use the provided form or alternately use the following information:

Phone: (408)431-6422

Email: tom.duda11@gmail.com


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Website Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Web Design Portfolio Overview

Thomas Duda’s Web Design Portfolio: Overview

About Me

As a web designer I found myself working on websites and designing numerous types of graphics since 1996. I continue my work in the US, once again, after five years living as an expat in Turkey.  I see life differently after those years (2008 – 2013) when I got married and lived overseas. It changed many facets of my thought process and life. Those years, although there were difficulties, left an amount of tacit knowledge I could have not discovered by other means.

Web Design Portfolio Website: Overview

This site is a testament, not only to my trade, but the way I look at life and the internet. Hire me as a designer, great for us. Use me as an inspiration. Great for you. Use me as a butt of your jokes then perhaps you would like to see me do it to myself on video.

I designed this WordPress theme from scratch using a developer starter theme template called underscores and the workings of a theme called Simone. Everything on this site was accomplished using HTML 5, Sass, JavaScript, PHP and Jquery.

What One Will Discover on This Website

A personal/portfolio website is not only about trying to sell a service but also a reflection of one’s personality. My somewhat dark and sarcastic sense of humor inspired me to add some of my blog categories such as: scamming the scammers; where I personally seek-out individuals that perpetrate internet fraud and present myself as a would-be victim.  My motives behind this tactic(known as scam baiting) is: to waste a criminal’s time and resources so they don’t have time for a real person, humiliate the the criminal and come up with an extremely funny dialog with the scam artist for my blog.

Of course, I could have created a website showcasing smiling people or cheesy stock photos in my main banners, from all walks of life using my services along with a boring and lifeless color scheme, but I think the web’s surplus of of rubbish needs a garbageman. Not a web designer. A majority of images on this site were created by me using Photoshop and/or Illustrator. I tried to showcase my web design skills and perhaps pick-up a few more clients. I am not a politically correct person in nature but if you care about a person you don’t know such as myself(which would actually surprise me,) I invite you to see what I had for breakfast on Facebook.

Here one will find samples of my web design, web development, graphic design and a blog that is basically no holds barred. Especially under the “scamming the scammers” category.


Thomas Duda’s Resume

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Bakersfield, CA


Computing(HTML 5, CSS3 SCSS, C++, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails WordPress,SEO, Python, Customer Service, Security, Teaching English


English – Native
Spanish – Working Knowledge
Turkish – Working Knowledge
Arabic – Working Knowledge

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